10kg beeswax block.jpg

Looking like solidifies sunshine and smelling like all the honey in the world, 10 kilos of raw beeswax, fresh from my favourite beekeeper 🖤

This is going to be gently warmed until liquid for several hours to settle out, then filtered with a tea strainer to take out any bits of expired bee. Once it reaches the correct temperature, it can be poured into candles or dipped to form tapers to illuminate your homes and cleanse your souls.

The smell of beeswax is never far away from me, I use it in the workshop all the time to polish and burnish the cut edges of the belts I make. It also make the best candles in the world, no other wax comes close, it is 30 times more expensive than the paraffin wax most candles are made from, but it's therapeutic benefits are without question.

Most candles give off pollutants and toxic chemicals into the air as they burn, beeswax in stark contrast purifies the air by giving off negatively charged ions that draw in pollutants and dust. 

Rachel Lovatt