After that glorious weekend of almost continental sunshine,  Monday appeared out of nowhere, like stepping out into the garden and walking straight into a spiders web.

To recalibrate, I made myself a new belt, something I do quite regularly, but today it felt more necessary than usual, and it achieved the desired result. Tuesday I'm ready for you, so don't go getting any ideas.

These have been made for people who perform on stages, nail classic cars back together and fill shipping containers with woodworm riddled furniture. Over time the design has changed little, yet everything is different. Small refinements, the black leather is now a very traditional sturdy bridle leather, the British made button studs are spec'd to be the perfect depth for the leather, and they now come with keyholes for those button studs. Always improving.

Engineers Belt in Pitch Black English Bridle leather, available in the shop if you'd like to follow suit, although I can't guarantee your's will imbue you with the same sense of magical fortitude as mine did.

£69 delivered. Exit through the gift shop.

Rachel Lovatt