plumjam02 copy.jpg

Oh, those colours!

That long hot summer seemed indestructible, but now the youngest has been launched into a classroom and the climate is back to British standard it’s time to commence manufacturing.

But first, jam.

The trees were heavily laden, with the unmistakable dull thud of over ripe fruit hitting the ground every time a bird attempted to find a perch within the branches. We left the windfalls to the creatures of the earth, and plucked 7kilos of various plums and a dress pocket full of damsons for luck. 

Thanks to Anna Jones, her roasted plum jam recipe and a Neff fan oven made short work of the juicy produce and filled the house with the most beautiful caramelised fruit aroma.

Conway Loop Belt by Small Castle

Ecru Denim Shirt Dress by Toast

Elm Chopping Board by Hatchet & Bear

Rachel Lovatt