Armed with a hefty old Millspur fork It was time to dig out a disintegrating old tree stump and move a rhododendron bush I’d already cut cut down to a tenth of its size. 

A 20 minute job whilst the girls finish colouring in unicorns I thought. 2 hours later I’m still at it, trying to disentangle the stump from the roots of the hazelnut tree.

Frustration sets in, so I hit it with the gorilla bar while a thousand midges tuck into any exposed flesh they can find. 

Then, with the sound of a splintering pirate ship breaking apart as it sinks to the depths, the contorted timber hand finally relinquished its grip on the earth.

The rhododendron will have to wait another day.

Garden Fork by Millspur

Gloves by Gold Leaf

Salt Glaze Mug by House Industries

Rachel Lovatt